boring, thick, uneven hair, help!

Lately I`ve really used a lot of time on my hair, trying to find out what`s best for it. A couple of days ago i bought Kérastase Créme D'Huile Oléo-CurlIt has ton of good reviews and I have now tested it twice. The first time i washed my hair normally, shampoo and conditioner, and also added some aloe vera gel as a leave in because it really hydrates and maybe even enhance the curls a bit, and then i also added my newly bought product. So i slept with wet hair, and woke up to soft hair that smelled amazing. But the curls were a mess, literally a horrible bed-hair, even as i tried to tame it. Today i tried again, letting the hair air-dry and blow-drying it a tiny bit on low settings. If you look in the pictures that`s what it came out like, and I am not happy with the results at all. My hair is still a bit moist in these pictures.

I am also struggling with frizzy hair, and I have just started using methods to prevent it, so i guess I should be more pasient on that one. My hair is extreamly thick. The wierd thing also is that the pieces of hair closest to my face have just turned flat with a slight wave towards the end. And some of the hair i have at the back, that is not too visible, is even more straight! Which is pretty wierd, and not too pretty.

Should i spend money on a diffuser? Because i know many have had luck with that, but I`m only 15, and spending money on a lot of expensive things that does not work is not really something i can afford, or want to for that sake.

So does anyone have any tips or products? Maybe some of you recognize this awfulness. Would appreciate it a lot..!

If its needed, i can tell you my hair-routine etc.
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If you can get a diffuser, I definitely would. Blow drying curly hair without one is really difficult and can lead to a lot of frizz. I know I've bought one separately from a blow dryer before, somewhere I can't remember, that was not that expensive. Maybe $10. But a lot of blow dryers come with a diffuser attachment. Then once you get one you can focus on a technique like pixie curling. From my experience, curls lose all shape and definition if not diffused with technique.

If you want to dry your hair overnight you could try plopping or pineappling overnight, and maybe get a silk cap or silk pillow. Some people just spread their hair over their pillow. The main point is to protect the curl overnight because if you toss and turn on it all night it will lose shape and could turn out very frizzy.

Rethinking all my products currently. Went back to sulfates and have been doing pretty well since I cut most of my damage out. My porosity has lowered and my hair is more consistent.
Shampoo (gasp): Suave Ocean Breeze
Condish: Mostly Suave Coconut(diluted with water), going through old conditioners to see what might work: GVPCB, Jessicurl Aloeba
PT: Not needed much anymore!
Styler: LALSG, FSG

Go Red WIngs!
Diffusers are awesome. Get a deep bowl.
I see curls there hiding in your hair !

I think your hair would benefit from the CG method... I actually think it's best for high density/thick hair.

If you're interested I can point you to the Curly Girl Handbook, the stickies on this board, and the Live Curly Live Free website and e-book.
fine - normal porosity*?- medium density - normal elasticity. Hard water. SoCal.
*Used to be low-porosity, but I lightened my hair 1-2 shades, so I may be normal-porosity now.

New climate! Current favorites:
Low-poo: CJ Gentle Cleansing Shampoo, Giovanni SaS
RO: V05 Kiwi Lime
Styler: UFD CM (old formula), FSG + CNPF
PT: CJ Repair Me, IAgirl's gelatine

Experimenting with: JC Confident Coils, JC Rockin Ringlets, CJ CIAB, gelatin gel

iherb discount code: CFN646
You dont brush your hair do you? Blow drying without a diffuser will definitely pull out the curl and add frizz. Have you tried scrunching in a gel and letting it air dry? (No brushing! )
Thanks for lots of replys!!
Problem is I live in Norway, and I`ve found that shipping a diffuser costs a lot on many websites. The ones that do sell cheap for me as well, only seem to have diffusers for special blow dyers. And I`ve got a Moser Ventus one, which is soo hard to find a diffuser for. When it comes to attachment there are some on amazon and ebay, so I´ll probably just save up some money for that
Never really heard of plopping or pineappling hair overnight, so I`ll go deeper into that. But i might have a silk pillow lying somewhere!
I also don`t brush my hair anymore, I did before though.
Scrunching, adding gel and curl enhancer is usually what I do, but I guess I should start taking better care of my hair before I see good results... :s

Do any of you know if the Babyliss pro actully fits other blow dryers then the babyliss pro serie?

Just bought a the babyliss 3-in-1 universal diffuser !

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I see curls there hiding in your hair !

I think your hair would benefit from the CG method... I actually think it's best for high density/thick hair.

If you're interested I can point you to the Curly Girl Handbook, the stickies on this board, and the Live Curly Live Free website and e-book.
Originally Posted by wavydaze
That would be great! I think I`ve heard about it before..
I don't blowdry my hair, even with a diffuser. It takes too long and even with the pixie method it makes my curls look wierd. Maybe it would be bettbetter if my hair were longer.
But I do remember the diffuser I have was dirt cheap at Wal-Mart and so was the blowdryer
Try getting some long layers at your next haircut?

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