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Default Help me find a new conditioner!

I've been using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner for years. But it contains dimethicone so there's almost certainly something better out there! I've stuck with the Herbal Essences because it's thick and HEAVY and weighs down my crazy-thick hair. Other conditioners just seem to disappear into my hair.

I'm a 2b, maybe 2c. Density is high and the texture of the canopy is very coarse - I have a LOT of hair. The underlayers are finer, though (and straighter). My hair doesn't tangle at all; I don't need to comb it or anything. I haven't figured out what its porosity is yet. I haven't used shampoo in years and my hair doesn't get oily or greasy at all, even if I don't cowash for a week.

My goal is curl definition as my hair is extremely frizzy. Think Hermione Granger or Chelsea Clinton, though length for me is currently medium. I don't need any kind of volumizing anything, because I have way more volume than I know what to do with!

I am currently using the Herbal Essences to cowash, and also as a leave-in as my only styling product. So at the moment I'm looking for something to fill the same dual purpose. I'll probably branch out into other styling products at some point but I want to start with the conditioner.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'd love to keep it to stuff available at the drugstore/grocery store/natural food store and I also want to keep it low toxicity (no parabens).

Thank you for reading my novel here and thank you so much for any suggestions!
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V05 kiwi lime is my favorite grocery store. There are many v05 and Suave natural conditioners that work. Also Tresseme naturals aloe Vera conditioner. You could also pick up the Tresseme hydration lotion as a leave in for more "styler" type product that's not gel. I suggest you look into flax seed gel as a first step towards styling product.
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Maybe try the Shea Moisture line? It is available in drug stores, Target, etc. it's natural, and lots of people here love it. I can use the Yucca shampoo, but that's about it. All the others are too much for my fine hair. The butters flatten out the volume in my hair, which I hate, but they do leave my hair soft and shiny. The only other product I tried was the Coconut Hibiscus shampoo/conditioner. It's so heavy but so mild and moisturizing that I now use it to bath my little dog. She gets such dry skin and this stuff works far better for soothing her than any doggie oatmeal shampoo. And her coat is beautiful and shiny! HTH.
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I love honey I'm string but that may have demethicone. I also like trader Joe's tea tree conditioner

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Originally Posted by NWwavy View Post
I am currently using the Herbal Essences to cowash, and also as a leave-in as my only styling product. So at the moment I'm looking for something to fill the same dual purpose. I'll probably branch out into other styling products at some point but I want to start with the conditioner.
Ruh-roh. Please note that if you're going to cowash, you really need to stick to the CG-route... which means no silicones! Cowashing with silicones is a recipe for a buildup disaster.

I'd recommend you start by getting rid of that silicone buildup. Try a coco betaine or cocamidopropyl betaine shampoo (low-poo) like YestoCucumbers (new formulation) or the Giovanni poos (TTTT, 50:50, SaS) which are available at drugstores or Target etc.

Usually a lighter conditioner is used to cowash while a heavier one for rinse-out, but I know I've seen some curlies use one product for both. V05, Suave Naturals and Tressemé Naturals are popular for cowashing -- all silicone-free! You can start there.

Since you have a mix of textures that is tricky... true coarse hair doesn't usually like protein in most products. Maybe look into Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed conditioner, Curl Junkie (I think there's a few protein-free options), Elucence Moisture Balancing... I think some people like the YesTo conditioners (double check for silicones), Giovanni 50:50... these would be your protein-free options. Your hair may like some protein though... try something like Nature's Gate Herbal for a change or for your finer textures.

If you want true definition, gel is really the way to go.
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