need new technique vs cgm not for you vs winter

Been doing cgm since March. Hair seems healthier. No split ends. I just feel like when it air dries it's limp. I'm 2b some 2c at ends. Winter weather drying it a little. Idk if I need to try clippies on top for volume although it hasn't worked well for me in past. Maybe I'll try ag recoil. Been doing less glycerin for winter. A little less protein. Second day hair is crap. Trying to figure out how to refresh it. Light spray in conditioner seems to help a little. Maybe i just need to be less lazy and put more effort into it. I am really a wash, products, and go girl if i can help it. Just getting frustrated needed to vent. Thanks
My hair has also been less curly since starting cg. Scrunching in gel after leave in and then diffusing seems to work best, but I'm getting more stretched out rope curl things than the ringlets scrunching got me before.
3a, dense, fairly coarse, normal porosity and elasticity, just below shoulder
Low poo: Giovanni 50 50
Co-wash: aia, suave coconut, salon care
R O: Tresume Naturals, gvpcb
L I: KCKT, gvpcb
Stylers: cjpp, re : coil, kccc, brhg
Oils: coconut, argan
Experimenting with: curls rock amplifier, pantene mousse

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