Awful haircut, layers too short!

I have 2C hair which I recently got cut last week. The stylist cut my layers way too short (overall length is at my clavicles), and now my hair is laying weird. It basically looks like a diamond shape (not a triangle) where it poofs out the most in the middle (at my shortest layer).

Does anyone have styling suggestions or should I get another cut to fix this?
any photos?

have you tried different products to give you a different hold? hair clips?

it sounds like maybe the layer that sticks out wasn't cut correctly, so maybe a really good stylist can fix it, but be careful! first i'd try products and clips.
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Sorry, I don't have any photos. I can take some tomorrow though. I've tried mousse (HETT) and two different gels (Eco Styler and Aussie Instant Freeze). These are my normal go-to products, and my hair normally looks amazing with them. However, now it just looks really weird. Thank you for your suggestion, I think I'll make an appointment at a different salon!

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