fine, thin, newly wavey having problems with frizz & gre

Hi There,

Until recently I had tailbone length hair that I would have classified as 1b (Fia's system). I got it cut up to my brastrap and now it's behaving more like 2b....

My hair is only i/ii and is super baby fine. I have always had an on again/off again battle with frizz. It's rather on again at the moment.

So right now I have huge surface frizz from the ears down. Or, I have little frizz from the ears down but have this limp/greasy/yucky patch near my crown. I try very hard to only condition from the ears down but it's like it "wicks" up to my roots.

The products I'm currently using involve basically the whole jessicurl line plus Cliniderm shampoo (Free and Clear for you Americans). I find if I use the jessicurl shampoos I get itchy bumps after a few days (I have the scented versions and am not sure if the problem is the scent, or the cocobetaine) and then I have to use Cliniderm shampoo for a day or so to clear the bumps. When I use jessicurl 'poo I use Aloeba condish' and then I use Cliniderm 'poo I use Too Shea condish'.

I don't have a good styling products routine AT ALL. Until I cut my hair about a month ago I would never have considered putting products into my hair after the shower...

Today I used Cliniderm, Too Shea and then scrunched in some Gelebration. I have nice waves from the ears down (particularly the sides) but a yucky, greasy almost wet feeling back/crown.

Anyone have suggestions for me? Am I just doomed because my hair is so fine and thin?
What scent do you use I get the bumps to with the HCC cream usually on the second day. Another thing I have noticed is the bottom of my hair get dry with the HCC even more so then with a sulfate product. I have been using Redkin Extreme and it seems more gentle. My hair has been getting real build up lately and Im just not sure whats causing it. I have been doing CWC with VO5 Extra Body then following with Too Shea. I guess I should make my own post about this and not hijack yours
I have the citrus/lavendar scent...but I have the island fantasy styling products. I got a scented sample pack (the place I ordered from didn't carry unscented..I'm in Canada so I can't get things directly from Jessicurl). The sample pack had 'poo and condish and DT in citrus and the 3 styling products in island fantasy.

I liked the way my hair was but couldnt' stand the scalp itches. I've had to stop...maybe I'll try again but look harder for unscented products.

For now I may be off to the swap board to see if I can get rid of the scented products I have...

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