Cross post - combination hair (3A on top, 2b underneath?)

New here - hi!

OK. My hair seems to be changing somewhat -- I am 36. The top of my head seems to be 3A. It has highlights on it, which dries it out a bit and roughs up the texture somewhat too. Underneath, my hair has always been straighter and finer but it's getting WORSE as I get older. It doesn't have color on it and seems to be a 2B wavy type hair.

It is driving me CRAZY. I feel like the under-part of my hair belongs on another person!

How can I reconcile my two hair types?! Cuts, products...? Right now my hair is just past shoulder length. I don't have bangs -- those hairs are past my jaw when they are not naturally curled.; when they are, those front pieces hit about chin length. They can get spirally but of course the underneath pieces do NOT curl much at all.

My underneath hair is less curly too. My stylist told me that sometimes this comes from the top layers of hair weighing down everything underneath. She shortened the top layer of my hair just a bit and that helped. Also,

Make sure to get enough gel on the underneath hair to hold whatever curl it has. (Or you may be getting too much there and weighing it down.)

Diffusing upside down helps all my hair curl better, especially underneath. When I air dry, the wieght of all the wet hair on top is too much.

Clipping the roots (I do this after I diffuse), helps to the underneath hair to continue drying without so much weight on it.
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I've tried using no product, using a tiny bit of product, and using more product... I usually clip the top part of my hair up and diffuse the underneath hair first.

How do you clip the roots up -- do you clip up the top layers? All layers?

I have my hair half-up today and the underlayers look sort of lanky and almost greasy - it is SO weird. My hair is dry. I am going to have my stylist put some highlights under there and see if that helps.


Do you think maybe the bottom layer is over conditioned? Since the bottom layer is finer and not highlighted it might be more prone to over conditioning.

I have the opposite problem (great curls on the bottom layer). It makes me want to cut off the top layer completely.
Well - I've tried NOT conditioning it -- just putting conditioner through the top layers. Maybe I need two conditioners for my two heads of hair. LOL!

Seriously, it makes me want to shave my head.
Mellody, I can't give you any answers, but you should know that it's really common for people to have hair of different textures, and I know there are other 2/3a people here in the same boat. If you just look a few inches below this thread, there's one started by ACH called "Straight issues under curls" about the same basic thing.
I'm a 2b (I think) and wavier on top & sides, and my underneath layer is like a total other head of hair -- very straight, and finer and smoother. It's the way my hair was when I was a kid. On days when my top layers are perkiest, the bottom layers peek out from underneath. It bugs me a little sometimes but not all that much. I might have that hair trimmed shorter the next time I have a cut.
Don't stress out so much about your different textures -- I'm sure your hair looks great, and it's just one of those things that goes along with having "interesting" hair!
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