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SparkyFox 07-11-2005 04:29 PM

Hair Routine
I am fairly new here, and I see we are short on 2C people. I have really thick, coarse, and wavy to curly hair. I started caring for my hair differently when I discovered Jessicurl products. I use her shampoo, Too Shea, and also the Rock'n Ringlets. I also have gotten some real good tips here also. My main problem is frizz and I have found the the plop works very well for me. My current routine is DevaCurl One Condition. I leave quite a bit of it in after showering. I use Jessicurl shampoo about twice per month. I had been using AnGell, but found that it left knots at the end of my curls. I am now using Rock'n Ringlets. I actually have slept in the plop all night and my hair is still slightly damp in the morning, but it gives formed curls without much frizz. I only diffuse if absolutely necessary. So far this is working for me. Just though I would share.

Maudie 08-31-2005 08:25 AM

Here is my latest routine:


CO wash with VO5 Sunkissed Raspberry (or other VO5's), rinse with water
Rinse again with CO/honey or molasses
Final rinse with cool water

Veil a towel over my hair
Briefly scrunch the back (which takes the longest to dry) with a microfiber towel
Apply Salon Selectives Molding Putty diluted with water over canopy and under canopy in back
Flip hair over and rake through some more SS and scrunch upside down with a micro towel. Flip hair over, scrunch again with the towel. Put claw clip in front to keep hair back. Air dry. Scrunch upside down with a microfiber towel.

Once a week or longer: Wash with Isoplus Conditioning shampoo

hollyp 09-01-2005 12:11 AM

My routine is anything but routine!
This week I have been playing around a lot with all the products I have acquired.
Today I washed w/ TBS Honey poo , honey rinsed and condished w/ Too Shea. Rinse upside down leaving quite abit of the condish in. Scrunch the extra water out of my hair . Combed in Ck. Plopped in MF towel for 20ish min and scrunched in Biolage gelee. The results were no frizz :D but definitely lacking in curl dfinition :( . I would do this again if I wanted to go more wavy for a day.

Yesterday and the day before I washed w/ No poo did a honey rinse and conditioned the ends w/ Aloeba. Rinse upside down leaving quite a bit of the condish in. Scrunched the extra water out of my hair . Plopped into a MF towel no products. This led to amazing hair for me! I had tons of curl defintion. My hair was more spirally and bouncy than I had ever seen it. But it had some frizz. I think this could be the beginning of a very happy head of curls if I could just find a gel I like !

Maudie 09-01-2005 07:01 AM

Wow, Holly, no products and you hair looked that good? Question: why do you rinse your hair upside down?

oingo-sproingo 09-05-2005 01:59 AM

Well, since my job has started back up, I've been cramped for time and have shortened my routine a great deal. To my delight, I have had nothing but good hair days for the last 2 weeks. By good, I mean, very chunky, defined, looser, frizz-free waves.

Shampoo with Nature's Gate Organics Lemon & Verbena
Condition with Nature's Gate Classics Chamomile conditioner (this is a light conditioner and I'll eventually need one that is more emollient)

Optional Aveda Elixir Leave-in and/or Tigi Control Freak Serum

Mix together a large glob of Redken Spin Control and small glob of Rusk Jele Gloss. Put in however I feel like -- scrunch, rake, etc, can do no wrong. Comb hair, reform waves with careful scrunching.

Diffuse dry or air dry and voila!

oingo-sproingo 09-05-2005 02:00 AM

Double post :roll:

hollyp 09-07-2005 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by Maudie
Question: why do you rinse your hair upside down?

The majority of my frizz is in my canopy, and I have found that rinsing upside down cut down on the canopy frizz. I think it has something to do w/ not disturbing it too much and leaving more condish in. All I know for sure is I tried it once and saw a huge difference.

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