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Default 2B or 2C - What's my hairtype?

I have very defined S-waves (with an occasional - but only very occasional - spiral in the back) but my hair texture is medium-coarse. Does this mean I am a 2B or a 2C? I am a bit confused as to whether 2B and 2C refers to overall tightness of the curl or the texture (degree of coarseness) of the hair. (This hair-typing system seems to be difficult for a lot of us!)
Mishy (color-treated, thick, 2b/2c, several inches below shoulder length, long layers).
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That's a good question. I don't know the answer, as I'm pretty new to all this curly terminology.

I have mostly S waves with some big spirals underneath and some loose pencil-thin corkscrews throughout. I had been thinking 2b with some 3a, but I may actually be a 2c. In any case, it doesn't stick out from my scalp and instead sits against my head/neck. Since switching to HCC as my shampoo and following the drying instructions in Curly Girl, it has in only a few days begun to show more curl definition and hold.
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Wow, we must be triplets! I would like to know the answer myself.
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