Didn't Plop Today

Today is the first time I didn't plop in months. I just dried my hair a bit with a t-shirt, did the AAC, scrunched, clipped and let 'er dry. Results are curly/wavy, but smoother. Had to share.

P.S. Very humid today and still looks ok.
I have been so happy w/my hair lately I'd be afraid to not plop! You are much braver than I am!! When you say smoother do you mean less frizz or something else?

How are you liking the AAC? I keep reading about it and the pj in me is dying to try it out. But I have put myself in pj jail until next month!
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This morning my hair is still smooth, but wavy. I mean the waves/curls are smoother, kind of silky. I don't do second day hair, but usually my hair is not this smooth the second day, but very poufy with no definition. I have tried the AAC before and didn't like it. This may be because I plopped with it. Anyway, I will try the air drying and AAC again today and see if it was a fluke. I think what I liked also was that my hair wasn't frizzy even in the middle of a very humid heat wave.
Third day of nice hair, even with this heat wave and humidity. I accidentally used the Tizz and finished with the Dual (reversed the process), but it was still fine. It dries more spirally than when I plop and the curls are smoother and softer.
Well, the honeymoon is over! Yesterday I just used the Tizz and I had stringy, stuck together curls. Maybe it's my styling "technique". Ha! What technique? Any ideas, fellow 2c'ers?

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