was hoping Ouidad would "transform" my hair, but n


I have 2C hair -- and ideally I would love to wear it wavy. Trying to wear it natural after getting Japanese straightening 14 months ago.

But because of the texture the last few years -- it's frizzy, fuzzy, and poufy.

I tried the Ouidad DT yesterday, and the Climate Control gel. And I don't see any improvement. For the DT used plastic cap and used a blow dryer for heat, not sure if it would have been better using hood/bonnet.

Any suggestions, I want to have control and get handle of the frizz. I prefer my hair with waves and soft curls and many of the products I have tried are more curl enhancing than I want.

Should I try Jessicurl -- not the Rockin..., but the other gel that is not so curl enhancing.

Any and all ideas WELCOME!!

I have been getting consistantly good results using the AAC (Ava's Aussie Combo) and not plopping. Here's the link:


Hope that helps. Btw, Aussie Dual and Aussie Tizz No Frizz are both drug store gels and under $3.00.
Maudie --
Thanks so much for the suggestion -- I will definitely give that a try. I am so hoping to wear my hair natural without having to blow dry and flat iron but so far it looks like the texture has changed too much ( the last few years it has turned to fuzzy brillo -- because of the grey?). There is no way I could go outside looking I do today.

On the products you recommended, how much do you use and do you put it on soaking wet hair or on damp? Do you just put them on one after the other?

I see everyone mention "plopping" --- what do you think are the differences to your hair when you plop or not. My hair is very thick, frizzy, and no definition. After you plop -- I would think the hair is sticking in all different directions since your hair is piled on top. When you put the tee or towel on, is the hair all on top or is the more like how you would traditionally wrap your hair in a towel, so the hair goes down the back of the head. Not sure if this makes sense?

Sorry for all the questions!! Thanks!
I'm no expert, still learning, but maybe your hair just needs to recover from the flat ironing, etc. I quit using my flat iron in February and very rarely use a blow dryer.

Here is what I have been doing the last few days with good results. When my hair is sopping I veil a towel over it. Then I blot it with a t-shirt. I then apply the Dual over the top of my hair. I apply the next blob underneath the canopy (top) and down to the ends. I then flip my hair over and rake another blob through. I scrunch my hair upside down with a little more gel. Then I flip it back in place, smooth Tizz over the top, clip the front of my hair (for just a few minutes) so it will dry out of my face, clip the top for height and let it all air dry. When it is dry or nearly dry, I flip it over and scrunch it all with a t-shirt to get the crunchiness out. I tried the AAC with plopping, but I think the gel is lighter than some and the t-shirt probably soaked it up. It works much better without plopping. My hair dries in more spirals and smoother curls and waves and little to no frizz.

Here is a link with illustrations for plopping:


Many posters have great results with plopping. I find it works better if I use a gel like Herbal Essences Humidity Defying Gel (HE gel). I think my hair shrinks more with plopping and is not as smooth.

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