curls souffle or whipped cream? other rec's? HELP!

with all the hype about these products on the boards, i really want to try these out... but i don't know if my hair type would be friends with them.

in fact, i'm at a place where my hair doesn't seem to be friendly with ANY hair products. no matter what, i end up with frizz, unruly and undefined waves/curls (it's like my hair can't decide if it wants to go with it's 2b-ness or 3a-ness, so it freaks out instead ), and my hair ends up in a ponytail or haphazard updo.

i've tried just about everything, it seems. this week alone, i've used:
set it free with re:coil (yuck)
aveda be curly alone (yuck)
aveda be curly with biolage gelee (ew)
l'oreal anti-frizz gel (lovely once, awful the second time)
jessicurl RR and CCSS (sort of okay, but still frizz and not HG material)

i've diffused and air dried. i've done deep treatments. and i just want to cry because i can't find something that works! if it works once, it never works the same again.


am i destined to hate my hair forever?
modified CG since 10/05
products i definitely love: deva one c, deva low-poo, deva SIF
looking for that HG styler... still.
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I'm pretty new to taking care of my curly hair as well, but maybe I can help? I have 2b/3a hair as well what's your routine like? and how is the weather where you live? I know that dry winter air can make your hair look really blah! Have you tried using a leave-in or moisturizer? More moisture may help your hair curl more if your hair is dry Also, have you been using gels? A gel with good hold can help with frizz and curl definition as well, and if the products that you listed above haven't been working well, then your hair might need more hold. (I'm not familiar w/the aveda and loreal anti-frizz, but I know that SIF and RR/CCSS have just a light hold). Do you have any pictures of your hair? That might make it easier for us to help

As for the WC or CS, I would say that the Souffle would probably suit your hair, but I suggest you contact Mahisha herself and describe to her your current hair condition. I've read of some curlies contacting her directly and she is very helpful and will give you suggestions as to which Curls products would work best for your hair type. If you do decide to buy either WC or CS, I also suggest getting the PE moisturizer which I've been hearing so many raves about!! I'm dying to try it myself and wish I would have gotten it along with my CS! HTH
I second what Curlessence said. I definitely would ask Mahisha at askcurls. She responds quickily with great advice and she's incredibly sweet.
curLesSence is also right about the weather and all the variables that can "treat" us to yucky hair .

Have you seen the stuff on the main board about jawclip plopping that Curlycaroline does? This might work great for you with your longer hair. My hair is just a tad longer than in my avatar and I'm getting success doing that. I have to take it down and diffuse every few minutes and then put it back up, but I'm getting some great all day volume using the jawclip to plop.

I think I'm going to get some of the Pure Essentials and Souffle soon .. that combo seems to be working good for alot of curlies.

I hope your hair straightens up soon (no pun intended )
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thanks for all the advice! i'm actually having a decent hair day today - following some advice from mayim! she suggested i was just going through too many products, and that i should try to stick with one product/one line, so i'm going to try to only use deva products for a month, see what happens.

i co-washed with one-c this morning and used a teeny bit of angell and 5 sprays of SIF to style, and my hair is already acting and feeling sooo much better!!! which is weird because angell hasn't ever worked for me before... and i've tried it with SIF before too. but i'm NOT complaining, not at all!!!!

i do still so want to try curls products, though - so maybe in feb/march after my hair has settled down from whatever trama it's going through for the moment, it will be able to handle something fun and new.

oh, one more thing i did - plopping never works for me, and i missed putting my hair in a turban like i did pre-CG. so i put it in a turban, using a t-shirt! it worked well for me, got out the drips, didn't remove any product, didn't give me any frizz, and also didn't make the crown of my hair all checker-board weird looking like regular plopping does (i have thin hair ). i've never tried this before, but since the t-shirt doesn't have the weight of a terry cloth towel, i don't think it will stress or hurt my hair at all - i didn't even notice it tugging in the least. plus it was only on for about 5 minutes - enough time to put on face lotion and get dry and partially dressed!
modified CG since 10/05
products i definitely love: deva one c, deva low-poo, deva SIF
looking for that HG styler... still.
pw = deva

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