Any tips for a 2-whatever (aka me)?

Hi fellow wavies, I'm curious to know if you could enlighten me with a few hair care tips..

I have loose waves right now. Texture varies from very coarse to medium, mostly medium-coarse (for lack of a better description!). It doesn't seem to be very porous at all & it slightly lacks elasticity. After I stretch a strand, it doesn't break off but it doesn't go back to normal either.

My haircut is short, layered and choppy. I'm happy with it. I'm thinking of gradually growing it to below my shoulders, if it doesn't weigh down the top of my head too much.

I'm following the CG routine for wavy hair as best I can. I haven't been able to fit it 100% into my mornings yet, so it's pretty close, but rushed. I think I'm not scrunching properly or something...I don't know.

So far CG has really cut down the poofiness & Chicago winter dryness. I usually co-wash w/ Suave Naturals (Ocean Breeze or the apple one). When I start feeling gunky I use Avalon Organics shampoo (lavender). For my sorry excuse for "styling" I use Giovanni gel mixed with a few squirts of Jane Carter Solution revitalizing leave-in. I wear my hair kindda messy right now because it fits my personality more

Here are a few pics after walking home in the wind: (sorry for the glare, my camera doesn't do flash photography very well)

I sometimes use the Ojon restorative treatment because I have it. It used to work well but it doesn't seem to be doing much anymore except making my hair slightly any recommendations for deep conditioning & anything else would be great! I don't mind a bit of frizz but I would like better defined waves & just overall healthier hair. Thanks.

And if I'm totally off in describing my hair, let me know. I'm not very good at describing things!

LOL don't know how to answer your question , but noticed in your pics you're a Wilco too. Saw their first shoe in mid 90's-- the Jayhawks opened for them. Use to go to a lot of shows, but now i'm married and with child, so that doesn't happen as much.
Sorry i don't have an answer about your hair, i'm new to this whole thing, but just wnated to say, I like your style. Oh and about 5 years ago i saw Jeff Tweedy in my local walgreen with his son. It was Easter sunday. I gave a shout out to him. He lives in my neighborhood and they practive around here

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