I don't often use hair spray, since I usually wear my hair curly, so it has taken me a long time to go through the last bottle I purchased, which I hated (I think it was Herbal Essences something, and it was really waxy and gross).

However, I have been using hot rollers a lot lately, and can't get them to last very long (which is not a normal problem for me, as I tend to get more Shirley Temple with curlers). I think the main problem is that it has been super humid here (Minnesota) this summer. I have tried using my curl spray (Aussie brand) instead of hair spray and I just get really dried out hair (and it still falls within an hour of getting ready).

So, since I used up the last of my horrid hairspray this morning, I am now in the market for something new. I'd love something that helped protect against humidity and didn't make my hair feel really dry or waxy. Anyone have any suggestions? I'll take recommendations for curl spray, too. Box store brands preferred, but I could go fancier for the hair spray since I use it less often.