Is it okay to “No Poo” your hair everyday? I am trying the curly girl thing again, using all Devacurl/Devacare products. On days that I no poo and use one c, I get great hair, but if I just water wash and use one c, I end up putting my hair in a pony tail because my hair looks kinda weighed down and droopy.

Is it ok to no poo everyday, or should I be trying to use it less and less and maybe my hair just needs to adjust? If I no pooed everyday, then maybe I wouldn’t use the one C everyday, so that my hair would not get over conditioned? I’m clueless, I just know that my hair looks best on the days I no poo, but I’m worried over time this may lead to over conditioning….and this is the reason why I gave up on the curly girl routine the first time was because my hair kept getting over conditioned.

I have fine but thick 3A hair. Suggestions?