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Originally Posted by Blackbanjogirl View Post
Just wanted to update - I bought 100g Red Raj and 50g Yemeni. I haven't gotten them yet, but looking forward to it. I'm anxiously awaiting actually. I don't normally spend $20 on hair products.

curlymuffin, thanks for the info. I've heard that site is good. I need some more Jamila because I love its copper tones, and plan to mix it in with my hennasooq hennas.
You're welcome! Yes that site is awesome. It's the only site that I buy Jamila from. I just did a gloss actually on Sunday. My hair's in twists now I'll take em down this Sunday for church. The front part of my hair is what has the most color (it's always been like that) and I can see some nice copper tones.
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