Hey girl! I have kind of a mix between 3b and 3c hair. It's REALLY bushy if I don't put anything in it and it changes type depending on how much product I use to make the curls "hang." It still shrinks quite a bit, but the curls don't get so HUGE. I use Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine fortifying conditioner as my leave in. I had read how a bunch of curly girls got good results with the actual Leave-in, but when I compared the ingredients lists of the conditioner and the leave in, I found that they were almost identical. Then when I actually used both products, I realized they were VERY similar in scent, consistency and color. I get more moisture from using the conditioner too, which makes sense because one of the ingredients in the leave in that is NOT included in the conditioner is chlorhexidine dihydrochloride which is a very harmful salt. I found that out from Teri LaFlesh's ingredients dictionary on her website: tightlycurly.com.

So yeah, all I do when I'm done in the shower is pile on the conditioner, then seal it all in with apricot oil. It gets rid of any crunch that would form from using so much conditioner, and I LOVE the fruity, playful scent. People always tell me how good my hair smells, like it's freshly showered. And it feels so clean and soft!

Shampoo (once every 2 weeks): Herbal essences long term relationship
Co-Wash: Suave naturals (the shea moisture one)
Rinse out: Tresemme smooth and silky, Aussie Moist
Leave in: Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine fortifying conditioner
Deep conditioning (once a week): olive oil, an egg and some honey... maybe an avocado. Left in for about an hour.
Oil (sealing): apricot or sweet almond