Which eo's have you used adthomas? JBCO isn't working for me unfortunately, always open to new suggestions.
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I got my best results using an oil blend made by a company called Doo Gro. I used Mega Thick Growth oil at least once a day but only on the affected areas. I grew back all my hair except the nape. My cousin had alopecia and an oil blend called called Wild Hair Growth worked for her but not for me.
I know some products may not be available where you live so I want to tell you I do sometimes make my own blend. I use grapeseed for my carrier oil then lavender, rosemary, cedar, thyme and nettle as the eo's. The guy at the health store told me to use five drops of each of eo in a 4 fl oz. bottle of carrier oil.

I recently started drinking a hair regeneration tea I found in the health food store. It has Chinese herbs. The company is called Health King.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.