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Originally Posted by bobby View Post
Half the battle is getting him to accept and embrace his curls. I resisted mine for years by wearing it short but about seven years ago (at age 33) I decided to wear it longer, going anywhere from 6-8 weeks between haircuts. Right now I'm going every three months. My reason is, "well, I'm 40 and I still have it." I've been using the Garnier Fructis Curl Shaping Spray gel and yes, "I scrunch."
Yes, you scrunch! Maybe I can change his mind! lol. He only washes with condish, but he does have trouble accepting his curls. I think part of it is that he identifies as Indian although he is half white (I mean Native American if that wasn't clear, sorry) so curly hair is weird to him. Also, he still uses the flat iron ON WET HAIR. Drives me nuts *sigh*

Originally Posted by itsKelCeeEee View Post
My bf had long, around mid-back length hair he kept in twists (before he dreaded his hair and then cut it all together due to illness affecting it) and I looooved playing in his hair! I'd say he was a 4a like me, but his strands were definitely finer and a lot less porous than mine. He gets to use all the nice, cheap stuff that irritates my skin (Herbal Essences, Pantene) but refused to go CG. I don't blame him cause shoot, it's his head. Lol. He said he's gonna grow out his hair again when the weather gets cooler so I'm soooo excited to be able to do his hair! He's gonna let me, darn it...

I had nothing to offer. I just thought this was a cute topic. Lol
Haha I still appreciate your input! I'm soooo jealous of people who can use w/e on their hair while my hair is so picky. I hope your bf lets you do his hair. I love having a curly bf
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