I freely admit to being hair obsessed, I am on here several times a day, reading and researching. The drawback is I am constantly critiquing my hair, which of course, is never exactly how I want it.

I really am overly focused on it (but to be fair, pre CG I was a hair obsessed product junkie). I don't discuss my hair much with others because I can't imagine they'd be interested in the thousands of things I think about my hair each day.

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Modified CG since Dec 2011
Growing out super short cut

High porosity, fine, unknown curl type, somewhere in the 2s at the moment
Mostly low poo
Current rotation includes:
Wash: Yes To Carrots -Condition: Yes to Cucumber, Nature's Gate Jojoba, One C - Stylers: Deva volumizing foam, Deva UDG B'Leave In, Foxy Curls Hi-Def Curl spray