Hi everyone,
I haven't posted on here much lately, really just been lurking because I gave up on my hair for a while. It was too thick to manage and I simply didn't have the time to detangle every morning. I never could get multiple day hair - probably using the wrong products....
So I thought I'd ask you guys for a little help before I embark on the cg journey after being inspired by Mahogonycurls on YT.
This may sound strange to some, but I have such difficulty with my hair because I don't have a shower
I have to wash my hair upside down over the bath (using a jug!!! - old skool, i know!!!) and then detangle afterwards, which of course leaves me with loads of tangles and extremely big hair as I have just tipped my hair upside down (it's dense and big anyway - no shower doesn't help!!)
My question is; does anyone else manage their naturally curly hair without a shower? If so, any tips??