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Qhemet who?????
LOL! You know you'll be first on line for that sale....

And neither is she with these counting games. I hate to say it but Mitt Romeny's budget plan has more details.

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I'm talking about changes apart from the packaging. For a while I've just felt it is a little different. It may just be me. I thought it was thicker in the jar and now it seems diluted. It hasn't been working the same for me since it's been put in the bottle. And I can easily go through over a quarter of the bottle in one use. I could get way more uses out of it when it was in the jar.
WHAAATTTTT!!!! I am still working on my last CTDG that I had in a jar. Should I test the new one?!?!

SN: Yea!!! I did it, I multi-quoted!

And yea go on ahead and try the bottled CTDG if you haven't.
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