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Originally Posted by sleepymeko View Post
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I'm following both of you now.

Are the daggers filed natural nails or applied nails.

I'm still butthurt that I can't post pics.
Hey! I think that depends on the person, but mine are acrylics. The nail technician just used a nail clipper (like how they usually do to shorten the applied nails) and clipped them into a point. So he clipped both sides of my nails to make an angle. Then he filed them into a smooth point. The tips are not sharp BTW, they are slightly rounded so that I don't hurt myself.

Dagger nails aren't for everyone, but I'm in LOVE! Men and women have been complimenting me. Strangely enough, men have been using them as a conversation piece.

So, if you get these nails expect ppl to comment on them. Dudes think they're awesome. IDK, I LOVE them!
It'd be fun to try when my nails grow long again. I just cut them down a few days ago as they got to that irritating (to me) length.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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