Your hair may have liked the protein before because it was being damaged by straightening, but since you stopped you may not need that protein.

For a gel I would recommend Aussie instant freeze or Pantene Curl Shaping gel, both are protein free and CG.

For a deep conditioner, i like Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm from Sally's. Sometimes I add honey to it to make it more moisturizing.

For a leave in, I would use whatever conditioner you are currently using, so long as it does not have drying alcohols in it or other "bad' ingredients.

Also, to lock in moisture, a lot of people seal their hair using a rich product or oil. This could help keep your hair moisturized on day two.
3a/3b, Fine Hair, Low porosity, Medium Density
Poo- CHS Treatment Shampoo
Low-poo- Devacurl Low Poo
RO- Devacurl One Condition
Leave-In- KCKT/Curl Junkie Smoothing Lotion