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Originally Posted by pearliecurls View Post
yay!!! i did so too.
On 28- 07- 2012. it was so exciting. But now, I have braids with extensions on. I miss my hair sooooo much.
My last relaxer was on 09- 03- 2012. I never knew how much I could love my hair until i decided to go natural... it's like my newest obsession.
I think I'll mini- chop again in December.
LOL. The dates threw me for a minute before I remembered my European vacation.

For those who don't know many counties write the day then the month where in the US we write the month then the day. So in the US, 9-3-12 hasn't happened yet but 3-9-12 has.
This will have me keeping in mind that NC is an international community of curlies.
"More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren't so busy denying them." - Harold J. Smith.
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