Hello Everyone!

I am new to this website and I am really excited to have found it...

My big chop was two Sundays ago. I started to wear my hair free of bread extensions in the beginning of the summer made some mistakes(dyed hair mahagony and texturized) and decided to start over because I found that my hair was breaking too much!

My goal is to grow my hair as long as possible! I know it is a lot of work. But I am getting a bit discouraged, I went to the barber two Sunday's ago and I am already seeing hair breakage . I have been using burt's and bee shampoo, giovanni conditioner sometimes sauve, castor oil, shea butter, aloe vera gel, design essential stretch cream and shea moisturizer curl enhancing smoothie. I have been looking at my hair brush and I see hair pieces with white bulbs which is good, but than I see hair pieces that are short and with no white bulbs which is bad! My hair is only around 2 inches long when stretched out!

I know this sounds weird but when the barber was using scissors they did not look professional, they looked dull! I think those scissors are to blame... maybe.

How can my hair be breaking already! :s

HELP ME!, tips, stories!