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Weight was a struggle with both kids. I weighed 138 pre-kiddo...then after my son...I pretty much stuck at 155...then after my daughter...I stuck at 160/162...

I have struggled and finally after finding what worked...I lost the weight down to 142...mind you though I did this last year...and Addison was 2 1/2 when I decided that I had to focus some on me. Exercise...was a must.. I still have to watch what I eat more..I think that is age (I'm almost 37). My hair is just now turning back to normal somewhat...getting back some of the curl I lost or maybe it's because I wacked it... Addison will be 4 in October.

I think it just really takes a woman's body a long time to recover from pregnancy or at least return to normal or the new normal. Then having babies close together makes it tougher. Hang in will come back....although some things will never be the same.

...Even though I weigh 142...and pre-baby body is totally different. I was 18% body fat at I still have fat in the stomacharea...the stretch marks will never be gone...nor will my boobs be as perky thanks to breastfeeding...but those things I'm learning to live with now...

I think both of you FC and Webjockey look great!

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