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No lectures, please.

I am so jealous of my sister.

I feel like she has had everything handed to her. She has never sent-out a resume in her life. She has had a great job for 7 years that she got because her best friend hired her.

She has never had an abusive boss or gotten fired.

She has never had to struggle with meeting guys or online dating. One just happened to come along and she married young and has two amazing kids and a beautiful house.

I can't help it. I am so jealous and keep comparing myself to her and feel like everybody looks at me like I am the Black Sheep.
I didn't think she married young. I thought you said before she was freaking out about being close to 30 and not married - or maybe not?

Anyway, first of all, you don't know all the struggles and insecurities she may have that you don't see, and second, she is her and you are you and you have talents and abilities she doesn't, so enjoy being YOU! I hope you feel better soon.
She was 27. In our region, that's pretty young. She always said if she wasn't married by 30, she would marry some random guy off the street.
Oh, that's what I remember (the not being married by 30 comment.) I don't look at 27 as young to get married at all, but I guess it does depend on the area. And if that was her attitude (marry a guy off the street at 30!) I personally don't see much to envy in her.

If 27 is young for your area, then you have lots of time!
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