Jeep, sometimes I think they coach those people to be that picky. Did you know they already have their house picked out and purchased when they participate in that show? They just find two other houses for folks to tour for the purpose of taping.
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I've read that and it doesn't make sense to me. They obviously look at more than one house so why not just tape those. Illogical to me.

IKEA!!! I get the catalog every year to ogle since I only go to the store about once a year. It's a day trip. 3 hours total driving and many hours in the store (missbanjo, after all these years the store still boggles me the way it's laid out. But I think that's why I love it so. It's just so odd and people are roaming around willy nilly and you if you blink too long you miss our on the lightbulbs that cost 14 cents!).
My catalog is already all dog eared.
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