I straightened my hair for the first time in about 3 years because a girl I work with has been bugging me to do it so I finally gave in. I thought my hair was relatively healthy until I saw it straight!

It looks so unhealthy...straw-like, frizzy and no shine whatsoever. I even added some KCKT and some sweet almond oil to "smooth" it out as I don't have any more silicone-filled serums in my arsenal anymore.

I've been low-pooing, deep-conditioning, doing protein treatments and using nothing but the best CJ conditioners but this was a reality check on how unhealthy my hair really is.
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3a ~ Fine ~ High Porosity ~ Low Density

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Detangler: KCKT
Leave-in: CJ Beauticurls, CJ Argan, CJ Rehab
Protein: SSPRT, CJ Repair Me
DT: CJ Rehab, Coconut Oil Pre-Poos
Stylers: UFDCM, BRHG

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