Hi y'all,

I'm a 2b/2a who has been wandering around forever thinking I had straight hair with a "slight wave." My baby silky fine and thin hair (as in not a lot) has been nothing but frizz and flat on top as well. Even when it is blown straight it will start to curl where it is mostly 2b. If I let it go curly for a few days it starts to look 2c and people ask me if I got a perm to which I laugh. Does anyone do that anymore?? The dirtier and curlier it gets, the more compliments I get. Honestly I would rather have much curlier hair than this wavy mess I have to deal with.

While living in Atlanta my hair was completely out of control with the humidity. My stylist (also curly) told me to just get over it and let it curl. LOL. Loved her. She taught me how to use a diffuser and sea water spray but nothing about shampoo. Back here in Phoenix my hair does funky things. It can be smooth, I sleep on it and it's all over my head, not in a pretty way. The dry air and sun makes it even drier and no doubt using the wrong products. I hope the Deva Curl kit I found at Ulta will help my situation. If not, at least there is help here and I know where to find products.

I am very happy to report that I found a stylist who actually understands my hair - he did a dry cut last week and I'm happy with it. I'm embracing my wavy hair and not looking back. I'm trying to educate myself on products and what works for me so this site is invaluable. Thank you!