Hi Rou!
Thanks for the tips! I"m glad you made some lip recs.
The MAC primer I got is the Prep and Prime. Any thoughts on that one? And I had completely forgotten about the chafing cream as primer. Damn!!
The trial at Sephora was MUCH BETTER than the MAC one for sure.
The primer they used at Sephora was Hourglass Mineral Veil, and the foundation was MUF HD #125. It looks good for every day, but I still feel like I might want a little more of a "finished" look in the foundation area for the wedding day.
The lips were okay, but a little too peachy for me, so I'll def be checking out some of the above recs.
They did use individual false lashes, which I'm surprised I really like.

I feel like I'm on the right track...at least I have a small start. I still need to find something to minimize fine lines and puffiness. That's the one thing they didn't address.

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