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Hi Rou!
long time no see, spaghetti! you doing well? congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

The MAC primer I got is the Prep and Prime. Any thoughts on that one? And I had completely forgotten about the chafing cream as primer. Damn!!
stick with the chafing gel; Prep & Prime is better than Strobe, but i don't like primers that add colour to the skin.

you have time - go back a few times, find the products you like, ask for samples and try them yourself to see which ones work best for you.

They did use individual false lashes, which I'm surprised I really like.
and they're easy to use! practise makes perfect with those just like strip lashes. and eBay are good places to buy lashes to work with.

I still need to find something to minimize fine lines and puffiness. That's the one thing they didn't address.
fine lines respond to vitamin C serum and retin-A products; wear sunscreen all the time and sunglasses so you don't squint.

where are you puffy?
Doing well! Just trying to power through school so I can get back to my life. Oyi. I miss this place, and need to catch up with everyone. Being around a bunch of college kids constantly leaves me feeling deprived in the conversation area most of the time. you can just walk into Sephora and ask for samples? There is a powder that I want to try out. If I'd known that I would have done it already!

As far as being's just seemed to pop up these past 6 months...its right under my eyes. Maybe it's puff, maybe it's bags (or maybe they are the same) but it's bugging the crap out of me! I need it gone.

@ scrills- 6000!!! Crraaazy!

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