I'm not on this whole Mrs. Obama shoulda said x,y, and z about whatever career. She ain't running for president..her husband is...she's his wife and she did the wife thing. That's what she was supposed to do represent as HIS WIFE. She rocked it. Period. I know the GOP was choking on pure 100 proof haterade because no GOP woman they put forth did it better and I know it's an extra knife in the gut that it came from Mrs. Obama specifically.

Oh and come on.. she's backing up Barack Obama not Lil' Wayne. If sistas EVER needed a clinic put on about how to back up THE RIGHT KIND OF BROTHA.. they got it when Mrs. Obama addressed the DNC! BOOM...JUST LIKE THAT!

And they (the GOP) definitely suffered fatalities and severe injuries with some laying up in intensive care from last night when Bill Clinton detonated that bomb at their headquaters and walked off smooth into the moonlight with a smirk on his face. I LOVE IT!