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Originally Posted by stefii433 View Post
Beautiful curls everyone. RiskyRinglets whats your stylers!? is it just Big Sexy Hair Mousse?
I've been using the regular Deva One condition as my leave-in, but I just got the Darcy Botanicals pumpkin seed conditioner, and since Deva was fine but nothing extraordinary, I'm going to see how it goes with that. I've never had a separate leave-in, I just use a little more of whatever conditioner I'm using at the time.
I use KCCC, and on the couple of spots that I know always frizz more than form ringlets, I give one or two spritzes of Garnier Fructis Curly Spray Gel and scrunch in.

The major thing for me is finger curling. On days when I don't need to look amazing, I just form one or two right near my face and let the rest go. But on days when I want to look extra polished, after scrunching and product application, I twirl a lot of the curls on the top of my head around my finger so they go in the same direction the whole way down. Then I diffuse without moving the hair for about 4 minutes, just to set them drying in the pattern I made. The rest is air drying.

The Big Sexy Hair mousse is also amazing for multiple day hold, but for when I don't want it so stiff I think I'm going to try Curl Keeper to see if it can keep my curls from one day to the next.

Hope this helps!
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