Look for Jurlique's Arnica cream, which is around $25 (I know it's less than $30). Yes, the Eye Gel is really expensive and has some Arnica, but Jurlique also sells Arnica cream which you can gently pat on your circles once or twice a day. You can also do an eye mask. (Jurlique sells a lotion/oil too, but that's more for sports injuries and muscle aches; the cream is what you would want). The tube is 1.4 oz. You can check the ingredients on the Jurlique website.

I find that the Boiron (brand name) Arnica Gel, at about $5 for a 1.5 oz tube, is just as good, and probably has a higher concentration of Arnica Montana. It's also available at Whole Foods, Wild Oats and other health food stores, and many retail and online standard and homeopathic pharmacies. It's quite good for bruises, minor swelling and minor aches and pains. (I also picked up some Calendula made by Boiron, which helps with minor cuts, burns and skin irritations). These homeopathic remedies can be quite effective.