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I think getting oils to absorb is part the type of oil and part technique. I can't leave EVOO in my hair but before every shampoo I slather it on, put on a conditioning cap and sit under hooded dryer for 15 to 20 minutes. This does wonders for opening my cuticle. And makes my shampoo less drying since I only use clarifying shampoos and makes detangling easier. When I seal I have to be careful. I like castor but I have to use it alone and when I'm doing oil and conditioner styling. Coupled with any other oil or a styling product that has oils then it is too much. My hair likes the microfiber towels. I do my blotting then apply my li then let it dry some more before I apply either oil or styler. Layering is difficult if I don't allow drying time in between nothing absorbs. Also since I have started doing henna I think my hair has moved slightly more toward normal. Still lp but not as lp.
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