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Default lo.poo/no-poo recs

Co-washing was an epic fail for me too! I tried every product that people with similar hair types used (Suave, VO5 etc), with disastrous results. DevaCurl was ok, but nothing special, and CJ Daily Fix left my waves limp and flat. Everyone raves about it, so I tried it in combination with a variety of products, to no avail. I had high hopes for Jessicurl, but my hair HATED everything I tried (HCC, RR, CC, TS).

DermOrganics was fantastic, but after a few weeks started getting this scab-like buildup on my scalp (ugh!), so I can only use it once a week. YTC was ok in small doses, but too heavy to use regularly. Same for Renpure Argan.

I finally found a couple of sulfate-free poos that work well: AG re:coil and CJ Gentle Cleansing. I've been using the AG daily for 3 months, and have had no issues with buildup or stripping. It also helps that I found stylers that are compatible with my hair type (As I Am Curling Jelly & Spiral Solutions Curl Enhancing Jelly).

Lots of trial and error, but you'll find your HG in the end!
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