Hair Biography

Curl Pattern: 2c
Texture: coarse
Porosity: low
Density: medium
Elasticity: normal
Characteristics: flat top/no root curl, easily weighed down

CG/ModCG/not CG: fairly new to CG - about 2 months. So far I am a fan.

Hair ingredient likes: Moroccanoil & shea butter.
Hair ingredient dislikes: Alcohol & sulfates.

Hard/Soft Water: Hard

HG/Go-to Products: Jessie Curl Cleansing Cream & Too Shea!Moisturizing Conditioner, Morrocanoil Curl Control Mousse

Average climate/dew points: Extremely dry! I live in AZ.

Fall/Winter combos:
Spring/Summer combos:

Favorite styling techniques and why: Scrunching, diffusing & clipping for root lift.
Techniques that didnít work and why: Saturating with too much product. It always weighs down my curls.