It's like that thread on European fashion where the European opinion was discounted because the people weren't really European. Actual NYC-raised people have all disputed the idea that you need six figures to live comfortably and people can't just believe it.
And I complain about the cost of NYC and how they're driving the regular folks out. But really, people can live comfortably with less than $150,000.
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i think it's funny that the NYC stereotype is starting to revolve around transplants from other states who came her looking for a particular lifestyle.

even the ppl my age who live on their own are getting by just fine on $30,000 entry level salaries w/o any assistance from their parents or the gov't. it's only the ppl who came here from other states that seem to consistently have financial troubles.

let me stop before i start getting snotty.

it also reminds me of when ppl who've never even been to new york were so adamant that that mosque site was right next to ground zero. i was like gtfoh.

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