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Tips on uhhh ya girl gots tickets to see ma boo Prince next Tuesday AND Wednesday. Yeah 2 nights ya read right *dueces* on out.

Happy New Year Marah!
My friends tried to get me to go to a Prince concert years ago and I didn't because I was so tired. I have regretted since. They said it was awesome. He did an acoustic version of LRC and they said it felt like an intimate performance even though it was at a coliseum.

When I was little I would go around singing LRC with no real idea what the song was about. Took years for me to figure out it wasn't about a car and those Trojans running free weren't horses. LOL
I've only seen him in concert one other time and that was during his Diamond and Pearls tour in 1992/1993....lawrd I can remember what I and my sister wore. It was the best concert next to the Janet Jackson Velvet Rope Tour.
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