I posted about a year about a problem I had with mid-strand splits. The problem seems to have gotten even worse. I see my strands thickening around the bend, forming and incomplete split and eventually and midstrand split. This time they are on the whole strand. I'm wanting to get rid of the damage but I don't want to big chop. Is there a way that I can transition without big chopping?

I think the damage is from all of the stretching and combing that I've put my hair through. My strands are medium and fine and I even started noticing the splits on fine strands. I normally wear my hair in two strand twists and my mother normally styles it this way. Before the splits were only on the ends. I've though about solely finger combing my hair until next spring and then chopping off the damage. Do think this is a good idea?
I think "protective" styling may not be for me. My hair hasn't retained length and it's more damaged now than it has ever been since I've been natural. Sigh.
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