Yeah, when I saw deva in your siggy I thought wow, I'm impressed that anyone can use that - esp. arc angell - that stuff was instantly drying and crazy damaging to my hair.
Originally Posted by LilaGirl
My hair looked SO GOOD the first two days I had people complimenting it everywhere I went. I never, ever get hair compliments. When I got the first one I actually turned around to see who was standing behind me because it didn't register that someone was saying, "I love your hair," to me!

It was fun for awhile, but if looking good for two days means burlap rope the rest of the week it's not worth it.

Is Hops protein? I don't have many gels and I used the DevaCare because I thought it was supposed to be moisturizing. It's fantastic for definition and getting rid of frizz...but I'm thinking it's going to be awhile before I brave using it again. *sigh*
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