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The headband crwitt (heh, autocorrect changed your name to "critter") is very similar to the one I was wearing in that post on page 11, except mine was sort of wrapped in narrow satin ribbon. I'm not sure how else to describe it. It didn't have those little short teeth on the scalp side that so many headbands seem to have, so it was fairly comfortable. I can't remember where I got it - probably either Sally's, Target, the drugstore, or the grocery store.

You guys, my hair has grown so much since those last photos - the gray is about a half inch from the ends! I really need to take another photo so you can see.
I just saw that same headband at Target, the satin wrapped one, if anyone is still looking for one.
I bought one at Walmart, however, I only wore it twice cuz I went to put it on and it snapped!!! I barely opened it (I have a small head). I was not very happy. I think it was scunci brand with the black ribbon. Maybe I can find it in a different brand... I will check to see if Target has the same one...

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