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So I got no dry brittle straw today - I did a cowash with CJ Smoothing and it gave me TONS of slip (that's new) and knots came out easily and were few and I had mild fall out (a teeny bit more than my usual as of like a year ago) but much better than recently.


Key seems to be tying it back at night, using a lot of oil overnight, no protein (no brhg) But I'm low on what products to use - I did a smoothing LI and then komaza coconut pudding over that (it's all I had and it's no protein) and a bit of KCCC on the back section that gets really dry and frizzy. We'll see (I never did this combo but at least it's all free-to-low PT)
3b/fine/normal porosity/normal elasticity

LOVES behentrimonium methosulfate
(don't ask me to pronounce that!)

Want to grow it long again!
And simply want to figure out this hair of mine!
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