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I'm thinking of you LilaGirl!

I had to color my hair today. After I colored y hair I used a clarifying shampoo and my hair felt so horrible I thought I'd be bald. Then, I used a Ouidad Omega deep treatment, and my hair still felt like steel wool.

So I applied a ton of One & Only Argan Oil Mask and left it on for a long time. The slip is excellent and it soooo moisturizing. Now my hair feels fantastic. I keep touching it because it doesn't feel like my hair. lol

I have a 4 year old daughter. I started "CG" when she was 3, because my hair was falling out like crazy and I didn't know what to do. I swear I felt "post-partum" for 3 years after she was born! I'd truly destroyed my hair with henna coloring, and I thought I'd never ever have hair I could stand. After the shedding episodes my hair grew back in as thick as it was when I was a kid, and it hasn't been this long in many many years. Maybe it's just hormones?

Still - stay away from protein for awhile!
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