Here's the tip: Wait until your hair is 50% dry before clipping and then leave the clip in for about 30 minutes.

I don't know how I discovered this tip. I may even have read about it here, or seen it on Youtube.

I was never able to clip for height on top - I tried everything. The clips would just fall out of my hair and/or tangle. Then I tried waiting until my hair was at least 50% dry, grabbed a thick chunk of hair and clipped using tiny butterfly clips. The hair stayed in the clip! After 30 mins. I took out the clip and diffused a little more. I got height on top! Volume! Yippee!!!

I've been able to duplicate this effect 3 times so I know it isn't a fluke. I hope this helps someone. Please post back and let us know if it works for you.
2/c and some 3A.
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Best 1st day method: Super Soaker
Stylers: Mix Curls in a Bottle into everything for shine. Terrible pj
Sometimes try roller sets - classic glamor but I prefer my curls.
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