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Default Supermarket discount conditioner - VO5 Silky Experiences Shea Cashmere MoistCondish

Originally Posted by hippychic View Post
v05 silky experience shea cashmere conditioner - $0.89
(i feel like a fraud buying one thing that costs so little)
I got it at ShopRite for $0.88... so I've saved a penny. LOL! I really don't care how much it costs, how did it work for you? I don't have time, patience, nor trust to do mail order so I've been combing the local bricks and mortars to find hidden gems... I haven't used this yet because I did the Aphogee 2Step Protein treatment 3days ago and I've been plaited up since then... I'm thinking of using this to build my DEEP treatment by adding, EVOO, honey, jojoba and real avocado and some grapeseed oil (which my hair seems to adore this summer... I'm hoping it still works for me during the winter). Please lemme know what your experience has been with VO5 silky experiences Shea cashmere Moisturizing Conditions... whew! V05 sescmc... sounds like CIA codes. LOL!!!! I'm anxious to hear back!
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