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Now that summer is over, and the dews are more moderate, I'm liking the Curly Kinks Coil Jam. I'm currently on 3rd day hair with just the Coil Jam over a leave-in (Shescentit Coco Creme) and my hair still looks nice. It also feels very soft and looks shiny.

There was more clumping and volume on days 1-2, but even on day 3 hair is still nicely defined (no frizz/flyaways at all). I don't have any other products in my hair, and my hair doesn't look or feel producty in the least.

After applying my leave-in, I raked in two heaping quarter-size amounts of the coil jam, then combed, scrunched, plopped, air dried, and SOTC'd once totally dry. Ample clumping, volume, and definition.

A great fall hair product - I look forward to experimenting with it more, as I hadn't liked it during high dews and had basically given up on it.
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