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Default why would going cg cause my hair to straighten?

I've been cg for several weeks now. using suave clarifying conditioner as my cowash,rinse out and
leave in. my scalp is a little itchy but not bad. my
hair has SIGNIFICANTLY less frizz but it just lays in
loose waves and the curl is basically gone. before it was wavy/curly but it had lots of frizz and undefined
curls(looked a mess) while cg has taken away the frizz,its also just left me with very loose waves on the bottom and straight hair from the ears up...not altogether a bad look,but just wondering what might be causing going cg to make me lose my curl. i thought cg was supp to help make a tighter curl with less frizz? anybody?
2c i'm guessing,though i can get it to look 3a...coarse,dense,low porosity hair thats never been colored or touched by any heat so it is pretty healthy.
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