i had 2 bad setback haircuts this year so from now on i am trimming myself. sadly i am prone to split ends and need a trim about every 3 months

i take viviscal supplements to help w/my hair growth. they are pricey, yes, but i am dying for my hair to be super long and and gorgeous so i have cut back on buying clothes and other enjoyments to get the pills.

i also oil my hair with jessicurl stimulating scalp massage oil and then coconut oil through the ends 2x a week prior to shampooing. i think this is helping also

2c/3a..fine/regular texture..normal porosity..low elasticity..high density..cherub curls

faves: - deva, jessicurl, ouidad...major product junkie
mod cg method as of 10/2012
goals: grow out bad layered cut & grow hair to waist!
last softener: Sept 2010
last trim/roots color: 9/5/12..1/12/13 trim // 11/17/12..1/19/13 color